Yoruba Nation Radio/TV: New Clandestine Station on HF

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who notes that a new clandestine station called Yoruba Nation Radio has been broadcasting on shortwave since August 5, 2023.

Here’s one of their first announcements about the broadcasts:

On the 5th of August 2023, Yoruba Nation Shortwave Radio will start broadcasting live. Share this page with Yoruba citizens both Home and Diaspora. Listen to us every Saturday and Sunday from 20.00pm to 21.00pm Nigeria time on (Shortwave Radio) Frequency 17735 kHz. Also, listen to our online Radio 24/7.

Yoruba Nation Radio/TV has a Facebook page and plans to have a home website as well (at time of posting, their domain name is parked). 

Paul notes that he’s been logging them 1900-2000 UTC every Saturday and Sunday via Wooferton UK to Nigeria.

Thanks for the tip, Paul!

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5 thoughts on “Yoruba Nation Radio/TV: New Clandestine Station on HF

  1. Kris Partridge

    “ via Wooferton UK to Nigeria.”
    Are we to understand that the 17735 kHz transmission is beamed(?) from Wooferton ? Interesting..!

    1. Paul Manoli

      That could probably be determined using a narrow beamwidth yagi antenna, an S meter on the receiver, a compass, a rotator for the antenna , and a map. Propagation conditions are also important. 73

    2. paul walker

      THe transmission is listed on Eibi as coming from Wooferton and I think Yoruba may have even mentioned it on Facebook.

      Whats so surprisingly or doubtful about thatg?

      1. Paul Manoli

        Are there any relay stations involved ? The station could be in Nigeria and the transmitter in Wooferton,UK. Not totally unheard of these days.

        1. paul walker

          Yes, Wooferton is the relay station. The content could be produced in Nigeria, but not too likely. .alot of these Clandestines are done by people who oppose the government form outside the country


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