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Bandscans from Tokyo via “Radio Radio” YouTube Channel

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Connor Walsh, who writes:

Hi Thomas,
I hope all is well. I think you are a fan of vintage Sony radios, and perhaps blog readers maybe be interested in this YouTube channel, Radio Radio:

No narration, just a locked-off camera as the radio owner does bandscans in Tokyo. Lots of vintage Sonys and other Japanese brands, along with a few others. It’s a lovely mix of hearing and seeing a dial being twirled in Japan.

All the best,

I love it!  Thank you for sharing, Connor!

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Video: Carlos receives Navtex from Argentina’s Navy, NOAA Radiofax, and Voice Forecast via USCG.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Carlos Latuff, who shares the following video and notes:

Receiving navtex, Radiofax and voice broadcasts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil…

Click here to view on YouTube.

Wow, Carlos! What an amazing spot to play radio! Thank you for sharing!

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Video: OM0ET’s review of the ATS-120

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:

This review of the ATS-120 is quite good and should be of interest to SWLing readers. This is a feature packed portable, with some quirks such as lack of FM mode on shortwave. It has a LNA amp feature that appears to duplicate the Hi-Z function on Malachite portables. It has a very good feature that enables vertical or horizontal screen display. And it has both BT and WIFI.

On the downside the reviewer notes cross modulation from AM/FM signals which appears even with the LNA pre-amp off. I would say that for anyone interested in this receiver, perhaps waiting until design changes address this and other downsides.

Thank you for this review recommendation, Dan. Looking at eBay, I see that the ATS-120 is pretty affordable at about $115 US shipped

Readers: If you’ve ordered the ATS-120, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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TX Factor Episode 29

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Eric (WD8RIF), who notes that the 29th episode of TX Factor was recently released. Here’s the show summary:

Welcome to our new episode!

TX Factor Calling – TX date 8th July 2023

We’re beaming (almost) live across the airwaves with microwatts of broadband energy to bring you the long-awaited show 29 of TX Factor. In this programme we increase the power to a few tens of Watts when Bob, Dave and Noel head to the Wiltshire hills with a pair of Icom IC-905 all-mode transceivers to see what can be achieved.

Bob takes the TX Factor cameras to the heart of England to the UK’s last remaining shortwave transmission station and ramps up the power to a staggering 250 kilowatts. Woofferton, near Ludlow, is the home to some venerable Marconi senders from the 1960s still beaming programmes across the globe.

Oh, and there’s a free-to-enter draw – details below.

Click here to view on YouTube.

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Frans add a Decca manual antenna tuner to his urban listening post

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Frans Goddijn, who writes:

Hi Thomas:

I bought a vintage antenna tuner, one that does not need a power source, very basic just a box with some beautiful coils and nice big variable capacitors and it works for the big magnetic loop antenna here.

I have four GRAHN loop antennas which each have their box with dials to fine tune the signal but the big loop didn’t have that yet.

The tuner works well, filters out some noise but I must say the iCOM radio also managed to select good signal from the loop with its own tuner system and the DSP noise filter at the speaker end of the system further clears up the voice sounds.


Best regards,


The internals of manual antenna tuners are simply hypnotizing, aren’t they? You’ve a beautifully-built tuner there that is functional and will outlive us all!

Thank you for sharing!

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Video: Nick explores the benchmark Icom IC-R9500

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Nick Booras, who writes:

Hello Thomas

I recently got a new Icom 9500 and have made several in depth videos on it for my YouTube channel including multiple direct comparisons to other premium receivers.

Here is the main overview video:

Click here to view on YouTube.

Thank you for sharing this, Nick. The IC-R9500 is an impressive receiver indeed! 

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