10 thoughts on “Frank’s Analysis: “Do Hams Still Listen to Shortwave? They do in Canada!”

  1. David Davison - KE8KEF

    I’ve been a licensed HAM since the late 1980’s, and part of my reason for getting my license was my interest in shortwave listening. I spend a lot more time listening than talking to this day and enjoy scanning around the bands under 30 mhz. I have several SDRPlay RSP1A receivers, one being connected to an MFJ loop antenna that performs extremely well. There are still a lot of interesting things to listen to if you are patient. Shortwave listening is still a great hobby. When the winter weather is too cold here in Ohio to get out and do much, it’s great to listen around the shortwave bands.

    David Davison

  2. Fabrizio

    In the 80s, I used to listen to short-wave radio for long evenings – there was so much to hear. Unfortunately, with digital technology, a lot has disappeared and it’s getting so empty that sometimes I wonder if it’s still worth buying a new radio.

    1. Bob Colegrove

      It continues to amaze me that the supply of new shortwave radios is unending – good ones too. If we only had them back in the day. The shortwave band was overcrowded and there was a fight for frequencies among all the various services. The situation today is probably much like it was 90 to 100 years ago when stations were far apart and few between. Though not what it once was, fascinating things are still there for the curious listener. The electro-magnetic spectrum is not going away and will likely be repurposed in the next generation, including new modes of transmission.

  3. David

    While I got my Technicians license in 2019, at 54 years of age, I have been an avid SWLing since my early 20’s. Radio listening was my first love and always will be. It’s sad to see it dying out. I have embraced new technology digitally, podcasting, satellite, and internet. I just love all things radio.

  4. Bob Colegrove

    Several years ago, there was a TV ad where a guy comes into the living room and his wife says, “I thought you were surfing the Internet. The guy replies, “I finished it.”

    I have been an SWL since 1958. For many happy years, there were unending possibilities. Nowadays, after logging the late Brother Stair and CRI on the international broadcast bands, I can say, “I finished it.” So, I mainly listen to hams. You hams are still carrying the torch on shortwave, and carrying it very well.

    1. Mick

      I am a very old timer licensed in 1960. All the new digital radio has passed me by and I find myself going back to SWL, CB, and QRP….

  5. Frank Fertitta

    I spend 95% of my time in the shack scanning the shortwave bands, 4.99% scanning the ham bands and .001% transmitting on the ham bands!

  6. Frank K4FMH


    Thanks for posting my blog article…

    The ccrane receiver you used to illustrate your blog entry with is the exact one I use most nights with earbuds…

  7. Norm

    Absolutely ! It’s fun to tune around the radio spectrum especially VLF right through to 30 Mhz with the cool sdr receivers that are available now.

    It’s fun listening to the utility stations, music from around the world and the strange signals from God knows what. AM Broadcast band is still alive and kicking with some neat talk, sports and occasional music from the 70’s lol ! ?

  8. Barry Bogart

    As a Statistician and longtime ham and SWL myself, I found it fascinating. I probably started around ’55 when the airwaves were full of everything, including the Cold War. I listened to the early days of Castros’ revolution and the Soviet propaganda. Also VOA, RFE, RN, DW, RFI, BBC and even RCI! It made me an internationalist when people were expected to take sides. SWLing and ham radio literally expand your world. Especially in places like Yukon and Labrador!

    I find it interesting that SWLing has declined for people MY age. Guilty as charged, although I have my trusty Sony 2010 here next to my KX3! And here I thought something was wrong with me. But I hate contesting and love DXing too. I guess I will get a new copy of WRTH.

    72, VE7VIE and WV2j ex WV2ECZ


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