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Can you help Dan identify this mystery interval signal?

Photo by Sai Harish on UnsplashMany thanks to Dan Greenall, one of our dedicated Shortwave Radio Audio Archive contributors, who writes:

Hi Thomas

I was going over a few of my old cassettes today and discovered what seems to be an interval signal, but I cannot seem to place it.


Unfortunately, all I can tell you is that it was made sometime in 1971.

I’ve done a little checking with Interval Signals Online but no luck so far. The recording is right at the end of a cassette and you can hear the tape run out abruptly, so no ID, language or frequency info is available.

[…]Any ideas about the mystery IS?


Readers: If you can help Dan positively identify this interval signal, please comment!

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Adi spots two rare receivers on eBay. What are they?

FURUNO RH1-1 Radio Receiver

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adi, who writes:

Hi Thomas, I was just browsing eBay when I decided to see what was “new” in the receivers section.

These popped up: [eBay partner link]

RH1-1? [See photo above] Google doesn’t know much about it.

Pfitzner – Teletron type TE712B [eBay partner link]

The seller from Poland writes, “The receiver was produced specifically for reconnaissance purposes.” I wonder what was heard through its circuits…? ?

I guess a few readers can tell us more about them.



Thanks for sharing, Adi. I’m not familiar with either of these receivers, but I’m sure some of the experts in our community can shed some light on them!

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Photos from Hamvention 2024

I once again attended Four Days in May and the Dayton Hamvention this year–it was an amazing event and I believe attendance was at a record level (over 35,000 attendees!). 

I stayed quite busy speaking with readers of the SWLing Post and I really appreciate all of the kind words and support–it was great meeting so many of you. I was so busy this year, I didn’t have quite the opportunity to take as many photos as I have in the past, but I still managed to snap quite a few.

The following photos were all taken at the 2024 Hamvention and the Four Days in May QRPARCI Conference.

Photo Gallery

Click to view the entire photo album–> Continue reading

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Radio Piko: A New Shortwave Radio Station in Finland Broadcasting with 10 Legal Watts of Power!

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Kris Partidge, who notes that there’s a new shortwave radio station in: Radio Piko! The station is run by a hobbyist and transmits music, old time radio shows, and interviews. The station uses fixed frequencies and announces broadcasts on the website a day before.

Radio Piko even has a few test transmissions this weekend, per their website:

May 25 & 26, 2024 TEST TRANSMISSIONS:
1500-1600 UTC 9770 (Norway, Denmark)
1800-1900 UTC 5980 (Finland)
1900-2000 UTC 3990 (Finland, Sweden, Estonia)

Also, “Random tests on 3990, 5980 or 9770 [kHz]at random times.”

For more info about Radio Piko, including the summer schedule, check out their website: I recommend reading the FAQs.

At 10 watts, this will be seriously weak DX for those living outside of Finland. I, for one, love the format of pre-1950s music and shows. I may have to listen via a nearby KiwiSDR!

Note that this station only plans to be on the air until August 11, 2024.

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Check out the new Lego Retro Radio!

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Van Hoy, who shares a link to this blog regarding the new Lego Retro Radio:

LEGO’s buildable Retro Radio actually plays music thanks to a sound brick

Thank you, Dan! I’m mighty tempted to put in an order for this radio!

Lego also has a page with more information here:

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Dan’s digital archive of QSL Cards

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Greenall, who writes:

Hi Thomas

In addition to digitizing many of my old SW and BCB audio files, I have begun setting up some of my QSL galleries on the internet archive in order to help preserve radio history. I am sending along a few links that perhaps old timers and newcomers alike might find of interest.

SWBC stations (sorry, only scanned one side so far)

Utility stations

Time signal stations

BCB stations (mostly my own except for a few very old historic ones that I bought from eBay)

Small Sample from Dan’s QSL Collection:

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