Photos from Hamvention 2024

I once again attended Four Days in May and the Dayton Hamvention this year–it was an amazing event and I believe attendance was at a record level (over 35,000 attendees!). 

I stayed quite busy speaking with readers of the SWLing Post and I really appreciate all of the kind words and support–it was great meeting so many of you. I was so busy this year, I didn’t have quite the opportunity to take as many photos as I have in the past, but I still managed to snap quite a few.

The following photos were all taken at the 2024 Hamvention and the Four Days in May QRPARCI Conference.

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One thought on “Photos from Hamvention 2024

  1. Perry Lusk

    Been to Hamvention every year since 1996 (covid took out 2020). The switch to Xenia in 2017 was a good move.

    The CHOYONG family was there (children too) and My friend, KD7NHM, purchased a LC90. Unfortunately it has connection issues with the SIM card. Cool radio though.

    I missed seeing the CommRadio CR-1. Picked one up there a couple years ago and love it. The little radio with the big feet!

    Let’s not forget the Drake TR270. Never knew this existed.

    Put this event on the bucket list if you have never been.


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