12 thoughts on “Tecsun PL-880: $150 at MTC Radio with free shipping

  1. Julian Stargardt

    John and friends,

    You’d need a time machine to hear Australian Broadcasting Corpporation (ABC) on Short Wave.
    ABC ceased all Short Wave broadcasts in 2017, to the dismay of rural Australians, SE Asia, and Pacific Islanders.

    Radio China International bought the Australian Short Wave frequencies and upped its broadcasts to those self same regions, little wonder they now turn to China.

    “If you don’t want us to buy it, don’t sell it!”


  2. Julian Stargardt


    The PL880 is among the very best portable radios ever made.
    It’s about the size of a paperback book. One of its excellent features is its very good audio qualities from its built in loudspeaker.
    It also comes with stereo headset that’s also pretty good.
    The 880 uses the long life Lithium Ion 18650 battery. I still have and use the original batteries from years and years ago so the life span is impressive.
    I use a charger unit to recharge my 18650 batteries.

    Did someone say the PL330 is now US$50?!?
    That’s amazingly good value.
    Due to its compact size its loudspeaker doesn’t have the same audio quality as the 880 but for its size it’s excellent. The 330 also comes with a pair of stereo headphones in case that’s your preferred listening method or in case you don’t want to disturb the XYL (or equivalent)….,

    One charging option if you’re boondocking is to take a solar charger with you – compact, lightweight and effective


    “Boondock” is a term derived from the Filipino word “bunduk” meaning “mountain” and by inference mountain people – which in Aussie terms means “beyond the black stump” or for the rest of the world “back of beyond” 🙂

    1. Bob Colegrove

      The term seems to have been widely appropriated in modern times in North America by folks in RVs among others who like to go camping or adventuring “off (the power) grid” to the extent that radios and other appliances are frequently operated by battery.

  3. james Patterson

    How long is the gel battery expected to last and I expect it has a usb plug connection for chargeing.No good if you are traveling with no mains power to charge it.I liked the Tecsun radios with batteries,all you needed was to carry extra batteries if traveling out back etc.What is the total life of the gel battery befor it needs replaceing…if it is available at all? I still operate my trusty PL 660 it is over sensitive where electrical interferance is and is most anoying but receiption on SW/SSB is great,even without a long line antenna.Im living down in New Zealand,where most SW is very hard to receive,being so far away from the rest of the world,but if conditions are good,Im happy to receive Aircraft from Hawaii on 8867 & 13261 very clear at night. SSB clearity is very good with my PL660. ( It was my second PL660 because the first one I bought had very bad internal generated hetrodine noises.But this one has none).

    1. Bob Colegrove

      Gel cell? The PL-880 uses a single 3.7-volt lithium battery designated #18650, very common in today’s electronics. It is charged via USB through a mini connector. If you are boondocking without access to mains, the battery can easily be swapped out with a spare. Regarding life, the 18650 that came with my PL-880 radio eight years ago is still in regular use. Without putting a number on it, I would say a single 18650 charge lasts every bit as long as a set of AA NiMH batteries in my PL-660.

      I still like my PL-660 too.

    2. Jeff Puro

      Hello James, The battery issue is the reason I favor AA batteries. As you know, they are widely available. Currently, I own a Eton Executive Elite. It’s powered by 4 AA batteries. I bought 4 Ladda 2450mhr batteries and charger from Ikea for less than $20 U.S. When buying any radio or battery powered tool I always buy an extra battery for that device. Somerimes I’ll get an extra charger too. Happy listening, JP

  4. Robert Richmond

    FWIW, as there are various other differences, but either the older PL-660 and PL-680 cost less than the PL-880 and have generally usable sync detection circuitry. SSB tends to sound better as compared to many Si473x-based radios as well . IMHO and YMMV, of course.

    Speaking of Tecsun Si473x-based radios, I noted the PL-330 is down now to ~$50 shipped at AliExpress. Even spotted one listing under $46 shipped at the moment.


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