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“Direkt aus Tamsui“ 2019 broadcast schedule

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, G. Koopal, who shares the following analog and DRM broadcast schedule for “Direkt aus Tamsui“ (“Direct from Tamsui”).

Aktion “Direkt aus Tamsui“ 2019

Testsendungen am 16. August (Freitag)


Frequenz 11990 kHz (325): 17:00-17:05 UTC
Frequenz 9540 kHz(315):  18:00-18:05 UTC


Frequenz 11990 kHz:  17:15-17:20 UTC
Frequenz 9540 kHz:   18:15-18:20 UTC

Offizielle Sendetermine:

11990 kHz  1700-1800 UTC
9540 kHz   1800-1900 UTC

30. August (Freitag) / analog
31. August (Samstag) / analog
01. September (Sonntag) / DRM
06. September (Freitag) / analog
07. September (Samstag) / analog
08. September (Sonntag) / analog
13. September (Freitag) / analog (Mondfest)
14. September (Samstag) / analog
15. September (Sonntag) / DRM
20. September (Freitag) / analog
21. September (Samstag) / analog
22. September (Sonntag) / analog

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VORW Radio International is interested in your reception reports!

Hello readers! As a broadcaster I am always interested in the reach of various transmissions – how far they propagate and how they can be received! Today I’m asking the following:

Can you hear this transmission?

Saturday 2200 UTC (6 PM Eastern / 5 PM Central) – 6115 kHz – WWCR 100 kW – North America

The show is 1 Hour in length and will feature a variety of music from the 1960s to Present, including listener requests! It’s a very diverse show where you are guaranteed to hear music of many genres and eras!

If you can receive this broadcast I encourage you to submit a reception report via email to and it will be verified with a QSL.

Happy listening!

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WRTH A19 season updates

(Source: WRTH)

The latest version of the A19 International and C&OTB broadcaster schedules pdf has been uploaded to the WRTH website.

This download is available free of charge and includes the transmission schedules from 180+ International and Clandestine/Target broadcasters, arranged by country.

For maximum usability, these schedules are in the same format and use the same names/sites and codes as the printed World Radio TV Handbook.

If you have already downloaded the A19 file previously, I would recommend replacing it with the new version as this has a significant number of changes and updates (shown in blue throughout the file) over the original.

There are a number of free schedule compilations available on the web, some (or many) of which use at least part (or some) of our data – which is flattering. What makes ours different is that when used together with the printed WRTH, our schedules files and in-season updates, you get:

  • Full contact details of all the broadcasters mentioned, plus all those domestic stations from every nation;
  • Numbers and powers of transmitters, both Shortwave and Medium/Longwave;
  • Reference material;
  • Equipment reviews;
  • Articles about broadcasters, antennas, etc.

All of this goes into making WRTH usable and current, all year long.

Click here for WRTH online.

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WRTH A19 Bargraph Frequency Guide

(Source: WRTH via John Hoad)

WRTH A19 Bargraph Frequency Guide

Now Available – Buy your CD or Download today!

We are delighted to announce the availability of the new WRTH Bargraph Frequency Guide for the A19 season. The CD contains the complete, and monitored, A19 international broadcasts on LW, MW and SW, and fully updated domestic shortwave, displayed as a pdf colour bargraph.
There are also other pdf and xls files to help you get the most out of the Bargraph. All these files are also available on a downloadable Zip file.

If you have not yet got your copy of WRTH 2019 then why not buy one now. Readers in the USA can also buy from or Universal Radio Inc.

The CD and Download are only available from the WRTH site. Visit our website to find out more and to order a copy.

I hope you enjoy using this new Frequency Guide.

Nicholas Hardyman


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Alan Roe’s updated A19 season guide to music on shortwave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alan Roe, who notes:

I attach an updated version (version 2) of my “Music Programmes on Shortwave” PDF list for the current A-19 broadcast season for you to consider adding to your SWLing Post pages. I hope that you find it of interest. As always, I appreciate any updates or corrections.

Alan, thanks so much for keeping this brilliant guide updated each broadcast season and for sharing it here with the Post community! I always keep a printed version of your guide at my listening post!

Click here to download a PDF copy of Alan Roe’s Music on Shortwave A-19.

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Alex updates frequency charts and upgrades format

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alex, who notes updates to his excellent frequency charts. Alex writes:

My charts are updated again. This time I have changed format and made the charts less time consuming to compile and – I think – more user friendly too.

The result is they are updated for the summer schedule much earlier – there are still 6 months of summer to go for them to be useful!

For each hour, the listener is given a running order of about 30 stations that are most worthwhile to try. Doing it this way means you can easily compare the reception quality of the different frequencies for the same station and also get an idea of each broadcaster’s strategy for reaching listeners.

For the summer, I have put the top station as number 51, down to about 80. Many radios have enough storage to allow you to set a page for each hour and then up to 100 presets for each page. This means you can check your favourite stations in a couple of minutes. There is less detail, but today time is so precious, the ease of use seemed to me to be the priority for the charts. (I have numbered 1 to 30 for the winter charts)

Thank you for once again updating and sharing your handy broadcast charts, Alex!

Click here to download Alex’s broadcast charts via his website,

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