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Radio Algérie Internationale now broadcasting one hour via Issoudun transmitter

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Richard Langley, who writes:

Just a quick note to let you know that Radio Algérie Internationale is now broadcasting for an hour on SW using an Issoudun transmitter. The multilingual (French, Arabic, English, and Spanish) broadcast is at 18:00 UTC, presumed daily, is on 13820 kHz. I heard it very well yesterday using the U.Twente SDR receiver but it might also be heard well in eastern North America.

Richard did include a small disclaimer that Issoudun seems to be using their faulty transmitter with a “squeaky” sound in the background. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this–fortunately, it’s not too distracting.

Thank you for the tip, Richard!

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Radio Emma Toc World Service Schedule for July 2020

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jim Salmon, with Radio Emma Toc World Service, who shares their July 2020 schedule:

Happy listening! If you are outside the transmitter coverage areas, why not listen via the broadcasters’ online services. Website details for the above stations are listed on our own website here –

If you don’t have access to receivers & aerials you can try using an online SDR receiver – – experience the enjoyment of tuning around shortwave from worldwide locations online.

We are also available to listen to online – visit & click on the World Service link. You can also hear us as a podcast – available on Spotify & Podbean.

We are happy to issue eQSLs for reception reports sent to – – & will gladly include for online reports. If using an online SDR, please give us the SDR location.

Finally if any stations wish to relay our programme a download link is available on our website. Please advise us of times & dates so we can publicise in our schedule.

Thank you!

Jim Salmon – Radio Emma Toc

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2020 BBC Midwinter Broadcast to Antarctica: Time and Frequencies

The BBC Antarctica winter solstice broadcast will take place on June 21, 2020 at 2130-2200 UTC.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Richard Langley, who confirms the three frequencies the BBC plan to use this year:

  • 5790 kHz from Woofferton UK
  • 7360 kHz from Woofferton UK
  • 9580 kHz from Ascension Island

Recording the Midwinter Broadcast has become an SWLing Post community tradition! Read our previous post for more details. We will also publish a reminder on June 21, prior to the broadcast.

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British Antarctic Survey Annual Midwinter Broadcast test today (June 14, 2020) at 2130 UTC

Halley VI Research Station on the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica (Source: British Antarctic Survey)

Many thanks to the British DX Club who shares the following information about a BBC Midwinter Broadcast test being held later today:

The annual 30-minute Midwinter broadcast to British Antarctic Survey staff in Antarctica is scheduled by BBC WS for Sunday 21st June.

Ahead of this, two frequencies will be tested Sunday 14th June 2130-2145 UTC from Woofferton (UK): 5790 and 7360 kHz.

Other frequencies to be confirmed.

I will certainly attempt to catch the test broadcast as I plan to record the 2020 Midwinter Broadcast on June 21 as I do each year.

Of course, I’ll also collect, curate and share SWLing Post community recordings of the midwinter service as well. Always a highlight of my listening year!

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Alan Roe’s updated A20 season guide to music on shortwave (v 4)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alan Roe, who shares his latest update to his A20 season guide to music on shortwave and notes:

I attach an updated copy of my “Music Programmes on Shortwave” PDF file (version 4) for the current A-20 broadcast season which I hope you will find of interest.

This will probably be the last update for this broadcast season. Look for the new edition for the B-20 season in early December (or earlier if I’m able!).

In the meantime however, as always, I appreciate any updates or corrections.

Click here to download a PDF copy of Alan Roe’s Music on Shortwave A20.

Alan, thanks so much for keeping this brilliant guide updated each broadcast season and for sharing it here with the community!

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Live Frequencies for HF ATC Traffic

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Van Hoy (VR2HF), who writes:

Like many, I enjoy listening to HF ATC traffic, all on USB, of course. I’ve been doing it since my teen years. Recently, I discovered ARINC posts live frequencies on their Webpage for both the Atlantic and Pacific. The pages will need to be refreshed to get the latest changes:

No more guessing or searching around. Enjoy!

Wow!  Thanks so much for the tip, Dan! I, too, love listening to HF ATC traffic and will bookmark both of these pages. If you’re new to HF ATC monitoring, note that all of these frequencies are in SSB (Single Side-Band).

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WRTH A20 Bargraph Frequency Guide available for purchase and download

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Harald Kuhl, who writes:

The A20 WRTH Bargraph Frequency Guide is available now.

I think it’s very helpful for the shortwave listener.

Kind regards, stay safe and have a nice weekend.

Many thanks, Harald, I agree: the WRTH Bargraph is an excellent, intuitive reference for checking broadcast schedules.

Click here to purchase (£9.99) and download the WRTH A20 Bargraph PDFs. 

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