2024 Editions of NDB Handbooks and CDs are now available

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Michael, who shares the following announcement:

The 2024 editions of my NDB handbooks and CDs are available now.

As always I’ve incorporated the latest changes and monitoring results.

The new GNDBH contains the details of more than 17400 NDBs worldwide.
It is the perfect listening companion for radio listeners who use the
extensive and ever-growing network of WebSDRs.

The updated ENDBH features the data of more than 8400 NDBs, and the new
NANDBH more than 5900 NDBs.

Please find all relevant details at the following URL: https://ndblist.info/index_htm_files/NDBpublications2024.pdf

Once again, I’d like to thank all fellow DXers for your continued
support! Please keep up the good work, I do appreciate your direct
input to keep the handbooks up to date!

vy 73 + gd DX,



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2 thoughts on “2024 Editions of NDB Handbooks and CDs are now available

  1. Jeff Montgomery

    Our local NDB was nearing end of life and the powers that be decided not to incur the costs to replace it. The local engineer/two way tech/ham had been keeping it going with NOS parts and when he passed away, that ended that. Sad, I could hear the 2nd harmonic on 750kHz if close enough to the airport.

  2. Adam Ebel

    According to the DX Info Centre, most NDB’s are being decommissioned left and right, and the ones that are going to stay on the air around the year 2026 are going to be in the most rural, far away locations ever. I miss listening to NDB’s, such beacon DIW on 198 kHz, beacon CLB on 216 kHz. my local NDB near my local International airport, beacon OR on 329 kHz, and beacon PJS on 375 kHz. The only non directional beacon that remains on the air for me to monitor is beacon LLW on 254 kHz from Elizabeth City, NC. Long Wave reception in my home is hard to come by unless you take the antenna and receiver outdoors to monitor beacons during a cold winter’s day and night.


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