Degen DE1128

The Degen DE1128

The Degen DE1128 is a portable shortwave radio receiver with MP3 playback and recording.

We will update this page with new information about the DE1128 when it becomes available. Also, check our SWLing Post for updates.

(Update 13 Jan 2012: features listed below were translated from this blog)

(Update 18 Jan 2012: eBay seller Tao Qu has informed us that the Degen DE1128 will have AM (Mediumwave) steps locked in at 9kHz, meaning this portable would not be ideal for the MW DXer  in the US. Also, the display language will be fixed in Chinese, Japanese, Russia and Korean.)


  • Frequency range:
    • FM (frequency modulation) :87.0-108 .0 MHz or 64.0-108.0MHz (campus radio)
    • MW (medium wave) :522-1710kHz
    • SW (shortwave) 2.3-23 MHz
  • 248 memories
  • Signal strength meter
  • Direct frequency input
  • 5 tuning methods:
    • Encoding (tuning) knob
    • Direct keypad
    • Auto search
    • Memory
    • ATS
  • MP3 music player – MP3 and WMA decoding multiple loop playback modes, a variety of sound modes
  • Recording methods
    • Internal/built-in MIC
    • Radio recording
    • Line-in
    • MP3/WAV audio format of choice
  • MICRO SD card playback
  • Line-in can be used
  • E-book function (TXT document reading)
  • Built-in high-capacity flash memory (4G or 8G)
  • Large LED backlit dot-matrix screen, full support for multiple languages
  • Timer
  • Alarm
  • Sleep off (05-90 minutes)
  • Supports firmware updates
  • Key lock
  • 31 level volume control
  • MINI-USB interface, USB2.0 high speed transmission
  • Intelligent battery re-charging, can be charged via computer connection
  • Battery indicator
  • Automatic low battery shutdown
  • Removable, replaceable lithium battery
  • Dimensions: 188x90x20mm
  • Weight (with battery): approx. 253g
  • Supplied accessories: USB connection on the recorded line, Hand Strap, Lithium batteries, operating instructions

Resources will be posted when available.
Search eBay for a Degen DE1128.

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