Etón E1

The Eton E1 shortwave radio

The Etón E1 (a.k.a. Grundig Satellit 900) is a robust portable shortwave radio with many of the features and performance of a tabletop radio. The Eton E1 is no longer produced by the manufacturer, however they are still easy to find used (see links below).There were two models of this radio–the E1 and the E1XM. The E1XM had the addition of XM satellite radio built-in.


  • Frequency Coverage: 100-30,000 kHz, includes shortwave, medium wave AM broadcast band and longwave; selectable 87-108 or 76-90 MHz FM broadcast band; XM Radio Satellit radio.
  • Reception Modes: AM, FM-stereo, Single Sideband (selectable USB/LSB) and CW.
  • Digital Display: large 5.7 inch square, 240 x 320 pixel, dot matrix display. Shows all modes and selected functions.
  • Programmable Memories: 500 user programmable with alpha labeling plus 1200 user definable country memories, for a total of 1700.
  • Memory Scan Function.
  • Digital Phase Lock Loop (PLL) Synthesized Tuning with Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) for drift-free frequency stability and finest tuning resolution.
  • Dual Conversion Superheterodyne Circuit: results in minimized interference through superior selectivity.
  • Excellent Sensitivity: yielding a true high-performance receiver.
  • High Dynamic Range: allowing for detection of weak signals in the presence of strong signals.
  • Selectable Bandwidths: 7.0, 4.0, 2.5 kHz for excellent selectivity.
  • Single Sideband Synchronous AM Detector: selectable USB/LSB or double sideband to minimize adjacent frequency interference and fading distortion of AM signals.
  • IF Passband Tuning: an advanced tuning feature that functions in AM and SSB. Greatly helps reject interference.
  • Tuning Modes: variable-rate tuning knob, direct keypad frequency entry, up/down pushbuttons and auto-tuning.
  • Direct Shortwave Band Entry, allows instant access to the shortwave band of choice. Selectable AGC: fast and slow mode.
  • Display Backlighting: evenly lit backlight enables display viewing under all lighting conditions.
  • Dual Programmable Clocks With WWV Auto-Setting.
  • Dual-Event Programmable ON/OFF Timers: can be used for recording or ‘alarm clock’ function. Superior Audio Quality via a bridged type audio amplifier, providing high output power with battery operation.
  • Continuous bass and treble tone controls.
  • Headphone Jack.
  • Stereo Line-Level Input: allows listening to other devices such as a CD player through the E1.
  • Stereo Line-Level Output: for recording or routing the output to another device such as a home stereo. Calibrated LCD signal strength meter.
  • Built-In Antennas: telescopic antenna for shortwave, AM broadcast band and FM reception.
  • External Antenna Connection for the addition of auxiliary antennas, e.g. professionally engineered shortwave antennas; long-wire shortwave antennas; specialized AM broadcast band antennas for enthusiasts of AM DX’ing; FM broadcast band antennas and XM antenna.
  • Dimensions: 13.1”L x 7.1”H x 2.3”W Weight: 4lbs. 3oz.
  • Power Source: 4 D batteries (not included) or AC adaptor (included)


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