Front and back view of the SSB LAN-SDR receiver.

The SSB LAN-SDR represents the latest in SDR (Software Defined Receveir) design. What is unique about the SSB LAN-SDR is that it can be hooked up to a home network and used anywhere withing your house via your PC and home network. This is a major advantage for people who have a radio room that is not ideally located with regards to reception (due to interference or antenna location, for exmample). Initial reviews and reports are very positive, placing the SSB LAN-SDR at the top of its class. This is a high-end SDR and the price tag reflects it: 2.198,00 €

UPDATE: Click here to learn how you can test drive the LAN-SDR for free.

Frequency range 0,1 MHz – 30 MHz
Dynamic range SSB (SSB_USB, 2400 Hz BW) > 110 dB
Dynamic range CW (CW, 500 Hz BW) > 110 dB
ADC 16 Bit @ 66,66 MHz/s
IF Bandwidth 8 kHz – 500 kHz (USB: 8 kHz – 150 kHz
Low noise figure
9 dB
High input sensitivity – 121 dBm @ 2,7 kHz BW 10 dB /SNR
IP3 > 35 dBm – 40 dBm typ
OS Windows XP to Windows 7, 32/64 bit
Interfaces Ethernet-LAN10/100, USB 2.0

Manufacturer’s Product Page — SSB LAN-SDR


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