Tecsun R306

The Tecsun R306 shortwave radio

The Tecsun R306 is a very simple, portable, analog shortwave radio. With a sliding volume control, large switches and traditional tuning knob, the R306 is marketed to radio listeners who need a simple, no frills receiver. The Tecsun R306 is primarily available from Sellers in China/Hong Kong on eBay (see link below).


  • Frequency range:
    • FM: 87 – 108 MHz
    • AM (MW): 525 – 1610 KHz
    • SW: 3.20-18.00 MHz
  • Sensitivity:
    • FM better than 10 microvolts (μv)
    • AM (MW) better than 1.5 mV / m (mv / m)
    • Shortwave better than 50 microvolts (μv)
  • Power output greater than 250 milliwatts (mw)
  • Power DC 4.5V / AC 220V (volts)
  • 8-32 ohm external headphone
  • Batteries: 2 “D” cells


Search eBay for a Tecsun R306.

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