Quantum FX J-114U

The Quantum FX J114U portable shortwave radio

The Quantum FX J-114U is an analog portable shortwave radio with USB and SD card player support. As with other Quantum radios, there is very little information available regarding the technical specifications.

So far, this radio is only available via eBay (see link below) and Amazon.com.

Click here to find the Quantum FX J-114U on eBay.

Features (as specified by seller):

  • AM/FM/SW 1-9 World Receiver
  • with USB/SD Card Slot MP3 Player
  • Antenna
  • High Sensitivity Receiver
  • Stereo Earphone Jack 3.5mm
  • AC 120-220V 50-60Hz
  • DC 6V Jack
  • DC 4x D Batteries
  • Batteries Not Included
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