Icom IC-R9500

The Icom IC-R9500 professional communications receiver

The IC-R9500 covers 0.005-3335MHz in SSB, AM, FM (WFM), CW, FSK and P25 modes. The IC-R9500 achieves outstanding performance by using a D-MOS FET array in the 1st mixer (below 30MHz) and an excellent IMD roofing filter. The IC-R9500 has +40dBm IP3 and 109dB dynamic range at 14.1MHz. IP3 performance is +9.8dBm at 50MHz and +6.2dBm at 620MHz (+5dBm (typical) from 30MHz to 3335MHz).


Download the full IC-R9500 techinical specifications brochure.


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