IZT R4000

The IZT R4000 professional communications receiver

The IZT R4000 represents IZT Labs’ third generation of high-performance digital receivers. It supports multiple simultaneous users on multiple channels an has the ability to store and analyze the huge amounts of data that come with this increased instantaneous bandwidth in a typical operating environment.

The IZT R4000 digitizes signals up to 140 MHz directly without additional frequency conversion resulting in an exceptional dynamic range. For higher-frequency applications, the input frequency range can be extended to 3 GHz or 18 GHz, using the VUHF or SHF frontends. In all cases, the instantaneous bandwidth of the system is 120 MHz.

The IZT R4000 digitizer, wideband receiver and signal collection system is available now.

Download Press Release from IZT Labs.

Manufacturer’s Product Page – IZT R4000

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