Kchibo D6110

The Kchibo KK-D6110 shortwave receiver

The Kchibo D6110 is a portable DSP-based shortwave radio. Note that this model is primarily available via eBay via sellers in China/Hong Kong.

Specs (per eBay seller hygt369):

  • Frequency Range:
    • (FM) 87-108 MHz.
    • (FM DIY)64-108 Mhz .
    • (MW) 522-1710KHz (9KHz step).
    • OR 520-1710KHz (10KHz step, DIY).
    • (SW) 2.30-21.85 MHz.
  • Memories of the radio frequency number (a total of 900)(FM) 300GE . (MW) 300 GE. (SW) 300GE.
  • Noise limit sensitivity:
    • (FM) is better than 3 uV.
    • (MW) is better than 2.5mV / m.
    • (SW) is superior to 20 uV.
  • Single signal selection is better than 40dB.
  • SNR:
    • FM signal to noise ratio: better than 55dB.
    • MW signal to noise ratio: better than 45dB.
  • 6. 5-volt DC power supply:
  • Built-in battery 3PCS 5 batteries。
  • External power supply 5V 300mA .
  • Maximum current consumption is less than 250mA.
  • The maximum output power of 100mW.
  • Stereo separation 25dB.
  • Machine speaker Φ57mm / 16Ω/0.25W
  • Φ3.5mm 32Ω external headphone.
  • Dimensions 140 x 88 x 26mm.
  • Body weight of 190g (without batteries)
  • English Manual, Stereo headphones, external soft-antenna, leather bags,exquisite packaging.


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