Degen DE1127

The Degen DE1127 portable SW, MW, FM stereo receiver with built-in MP3 player/recorder

The Degen DE1127 is a portable, DSP-based shortwave, MW, FM stereo receiver with a built-in 4GB MP3 player and recorder. This unit can record via built-in microphone or via radio broadcasts.

Currently, the Degen DE1127 is only available from sellers on eBay.


  • FM: 87.0-108.0MHz or 64.0-108.0MHz
  • MW: 522-1710 KHz
  • SW: 2.30-23.00 MHz
  • Noise Limit Sensitivity: FM>5uV, SW>50uV, MW>2.5mv/m
  • Single signal Selection: >40dB
  • Power Supply: AC 5V
  • Internal Battery: Li-ion 3.7v BL-5C
  • 4GB internal MP3 player & recorder
  • Ÿ 248 station memory
  • Ÿ ATS
  • ŸFirmware is up-gradable
  • ŸSupported languages: English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Danish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Thai, Chinese-sim, Chinese-Tradition, Tradition-BIG
  • Ÿ LCD screen displays frequency, signal strength, and battery level etc.
  • Ÿ MP3/WAV selectable recording format, E-BOOK : supports TXT files
  • Ÿ Alarm clock, sleep timer, key lock
  • Ÿ Calendar
  • Ÿ Built-in telescopic antenna
  • Ÿ Internal speaker
  • Ÿ Can be charged with an AC adapter (not typically included) or via USB cable (typically included)
  • Ÿ Size: 110 x 41.5 x 19mm.
  • Ÿ Net weight: 75g.


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