Tecsun PL-398MP

The Tecsun PL-398MP. Photo courtesy of the Tecsun Forum.

The Tecsun PL-398MP is a portable DSP-based shortwave radio. Its predecessor is possibly the Tecsun PL-390. It is certainly a familiar Tecsun design and layout–ergonomics appear to be in-line with their current models.

The biggest new feature on the (future) Tecsun PL-398MP is the implementation of an MP3 player. Initial rumors suggested that the PL-398MP would be able to record as well–unfortunately, this is not the case. There are other shortwave radios on the market with an MP3 feature, but none of them are above average receivers. Tecsun has shown a history of producing radios that perform at the top of their price bracket–one would assume this to be true of the PL-398MP.


  • MP3 playback capabilities via built-in SD card slot.
  • Built-in SD card slot for removable storage.
  • Backlit keyboard? (based on the assumption that its sister model, the PL-398BT has a backlit keyboard)
  • FM : 87 – 108MHz (Russia 64 – 108MHz, Japan 76 – 108MHz, USA 87.5 – 108MHz)
  • MW : 522 – 1620kHz (USA 520 – 1710kHz) with 9kHz / 10kHz tuning step selectable
  • LW : 153KHz to 513KHz
  • SW : 2300KHz to 21950KHz.
  • Based on SiLabs DSP si4734 Micro-chip
  • AM IF bandwidth : 1, 2, 3, 4, 6kHz.
  • Easy Tuning Mode function (ETM) for FM, MW, LW & SW bands.
  • Auto Tuning Storage function (ATS) for FM, MW , LW & SW bands.
  • Multi-function Digital Display: Frequency, Signal Strength, S/N ratio, Clock & Alarm, Temperature (°C or °F) & Battery Consumption.
  • Digital clock function with 12/24 Hour Format
  • FM Mono & Stereo
  • Light & Snooze function
  • Key lock function
  • Built-in Charging System to charge the Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • No Single-Side Band (as with the PL-390)

This would also appear to be a good candidate for Ultralight DXing, though it could not officially be considered an “ultralight” without approval from the Ultralight Committee.

When will the Tecsun PL-398MP be available? It is available right now for purchase on eBay:

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