Chengdu NewStar Electronics DR111 DRM Radio

The DR111 is a future DRM portable radio scheduled to hit the market later this year. Pre-production models may be shipped as early as April 2012. We have very little information about this receiver other than what has been posted on the CDNSE website (in fairly vague English–see below).

Let’s hope this portable can do what other shortwave DRM portables have failed to do in the past: effectively receive DRM stations, have an intuitive interface/design, and sold and readily available at an affordable price.

(Source: CDNSE)

General Introduction to DR111 DRM Radio Solution
DR111 is our newly developed standard DRM/FM/AM receiver in our serial emphasizing on reducing cost and at the mean time meets all minimum requirements specified by DRM Consortium. Based on CDNSE core technology of DRM receiver and newly developed digital radio platform, DR111 is one of the best solutions for the existing analog AM radio to evolve into digital radio. Our current desk-top DR111 can be converted into portable and car receiver with minimum efforts.


  • Radio
    • DRM SW: 2.3-27 MHz MW: 522-1720 kHz
    • FM 87.5-108 MHz
    • AM SW: 2.3-27 MHz MW: 522-1720 kHz
    • Auto seek
    • 100 station memory
    • DRM text message
    • DRM AFS
    • FM RDS
  • User Interface
    • 16 characters 2 lines LCD
    • Support multi-language
  • Audio
    • Music playback from SD card and USB pendrive
    • Supports multiple music formats
    • 2W x 2 speakers
  • Peripherals
    • Supprts SD card and USB pendrive
    • Stereo headphone jack
    • 1000mm whip antenna
    • 50 Ohm external antenna jack
    • 5V DC input
  • Misc.
    • Alarm clock
    • Sleep timer


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