Could the DR111 DRM Radio be the portable we’ve been waiting for?

The DR111 DRM Radio (Photo: Chengdu NewStar Electronics)

One of the reasons DRM (Digital Radio Mondial) has struggled to gain global popularity is that there has yet to be a portable radio solution with universal appeal.

Perhaps the future Chengdu NewStar Electronics DR111 DRM Radio will change that? According to their website, the company is certainly setting out to make an affordable receiver that is simple to operate. Hopefully, CDNSE has learned from this radio’s predecessor; ergonomics, affordability and overall ability to receive and decode DRM signals are the keys to its success.

We have added the DR111 to our Shortwave Radio Index. Check back as we will post updates.

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5 thoughts on “Could the DR111 DRM Radio be the portable we’ve been waiting for?

  1. Keith Perron

    We have 4 of them.We bought one and had it sent to Victor Goonitileke for testing. And he has now developed problems with it. The 3 others we have now have the following problems. keypad malfunctions on 3, 1 the display died, 4 have problems tuning. I compared notes with Radio Australia that goes some. There word for them was “appalling”. For single skip DRM it’s fine, but anything more than that forget it. As for it’s regular SW reception it’s rubbish. The truth is if DRM had any future companies like Sangean and Tecsun would have come out with a DRM receiver. But Sangean dropped the idea more than 3 years ago as they saw no future in DRM. Tecsun has also decided the same thing. They said the only way they would consider coming out with a DRM receiver is if there was any programming.


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