New DRM Receiver – Di-Wave 100 / UniWave Di-Wave

Note: Updated 13 December 2009

Uniwave SA, CEO, Patrick Leclerc, with the receiver holding the Di-Wave 100. Photo courtesy of DRM consortium.

Uniwave SA, CEO, Patrick Leclerc, with the receiver holding the Di-Wave 100. Photo courtesy of DRM consortium.

The Di-Wave 100, a new DRM digital radio receiver was unveiled at the annual general assembly of the DRM Consortium in Erlangen, Germany. This is big news indeed for DRM enthusiasts as there are so few versatile stand-alone DRM receivers in production.

This announcement also coincides with other exciting news in the DRM world, namely that India and Russia are backing the digital mode for future broadcasts.  See press release here.

The Di-Wave 100 has a USB/SD card  reader and mp3/mp4 play-back. It sports a 3.5 inch TFT color display that reveals station identification, program information, Journaline, MOT Slideshow and listening time shift in several languages. The Di-Wave 100 can receive DRM broadcasts in SW, MW and LW as well as analogue FM and can store 768 stations in its memory.

Click here to view in Universal Radio catalog.

It should be noted that the Di-Wave 100 will be the first consumer DRM receiver authorized by the FCC for sale in the United States. When FCC approval is granted, the Di-Wave 100 (a.k.a. UniWave Di-Wave) can be purchased from Universal Radio.

UPDATE: Universal Radio is now selling the Di-Wave in North America for $299.95 US. The Di-Wave is also available for sale in Thiecom’s online catalog in Germany (249€) and in AV-COMM’s online catalog in Australia ($499AU). Two other distributors in Germany are Charly Hardt and Alan Electronics.

More info on the Di-Wave 100:

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12 thoughts on “New DRM Receiver – Di-Wave 100 / UniWave Di-Wave

    1. billy turner

      I have one for sale if anyone would like to buy im from the UK can post worldwide. In fully working order can show photos if contact me via phone or email.

  1. Thomas

    I’ve now read one user review from the US and it was mostly negative. The conclusion was that the receiver is fairly deaf on all of the bands (SW, AM, FM) but did pick up DRM signals out of RCI’s Sackville, NB transmission site. Unfortunately, the user complained of the radio not being able to hold a lock on RCI’s broadcast long enough to consider it acceptable for listening.

    He also moaned of terrible ergonomics for tuning in any station.

    He is returning the radio to the retailer in Australia.

    I believe there is a reasonable chance that this user received a lemon. Unfortunately, though, it appears ergonomics are sub-par.

    Check back here in the near future. I may decide to review the Di-Wave myself.

  2. Thomas

    Added distributor details for Germany and Australia where the Di-Wave is now available. Still pending FCC approval in the USA. See post.

  3. Thomas

    Uniwave’s website is now online (see link in post). Additionally, Universal Radio has listed an availability date in second half of 2009.


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