The New Happy Station Show via WRMI

SWLers will be happy to know that one of the longest running shortwave radio shows of all time will be back on the air after a 15 year absence. The return of The Happy Station Show? Well, sort of.

The original Happy Station Show host, Edward "Eddie" Startz. Photo courtesy of RNW.

The original Happy Station Show host, Edward "Eddie" Startz. Photo courtesy of RNW.

A little history…The original Happy Station Show was broadcast by Dutch station PCJJ from 1928 until 1946 when Radio Netherlands took the show.  The format was eclectic and very much tailored to an international crowd–it included popular music (mostly European), vintage recordings and multilingual banter; shows were in English or Spanish (sometimes both). As the name implies, the show was light-hearted and fun.

The Happy Station Show was first hosted by the popular Edward “Eddie” Startz who served until his retirement in the early 1970s.  Many hosts took the reigns after Eddie, including Tom Meijer, Pete Myers, Jonathan Groubert and Jaime Báguena. Unfortunately, the show was canceled by Radio Netherlands in 1995.

I was delighted to hear (via Kim Andrew Elliot) that The Happy Station Show will once again be on the air. At least, a show called “The Happy Station Show” will be on the air.  You see, this show will be based in Taipei, Taiwan and will not be sponsored by Radio Netherlands. The new host is experienced Canadian broadcaster Keith Perron.

Radio Miami International

Radio Miami International

I can’t wait to hear the first broadcast in March from WRMI to North America (9955 kHz)–sounds like those of you who’d rather listen on an iPod will probably have that option available, too.

I will post info here as it becomes available–please subscribe to our feed and comments.


Just heard from host Keith Perron, who writes:

The first show will be March 11th at 0100. March 11th, incidentally, is the same date Philips Radio signed on with broadcasts to the Dutch East Indies.

He adds, regarding the new format:

…I don’t want to give too many details, but the first new Happy Station in almost 15 years will have some surprises.

Tom [Meijer] will appear in the new series in guest spots every now and again.

Keith Perron, host of the New Happy Station Show

Keith Perron, host of the New Happy Station Show

I’m looking forward to it!  Thanks to Keith for the scoop.

More info on the new Happy Station Show:

Podcasts/MP3s of past shows:

Also, check out this great article on Edward Startz by Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

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  1. Thomas


    Just a reminder that the first edition of the new Happy Station show will air on WRMI tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 11) at 9:00-10:00 pm Eastern Time (0100-0200 UTC March 12) on 9955 kHz to the Caribbean and Latin America. It will be repeated on Thursday, March 12 at 11:00 am-12:00 noon Eastern Time (1500-1600 UTC) on the same frequency to North America.


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