Degen DE32

The Degen DE32

The Degen DE32

The Degen DE32 is a small DSP-based shortwave radio with analog styling and the ability to play digital audio via a Micro SD card.  The DE32 is much like the Degen DE321 (review) and the Kchibo KK-9803 (review) in that it is a DSP, but uses an analog tuning dial (neither the DE321 nor KK-9803 have MP3 playback, however).

eBay is the only place the DE32 can be purchased, at time of posting.

We recently published a comprehensive review of the Degen DE32 (click here to read).


  • FM: 64-108MHz
  • MW: 522-1710KHz
  • Shortwave bands 5.60-22.00MHz
    • ŸSW1: 5.60-6.40MHz
    • SW2: 6.80-7.60MHz
    • SW3: 9.20-10.00MHz
    • SW4: 11.45-12.25MHz
    • SW5: 13.40-14.20MHz
    • SW6: 15.00-15.90MHz
    • SW7: 17.10-18.00MHz
    • SW8: 21.20-22.00MHz
  • Noise Limit Sensitivity: FM band < 10uv ,MW band < 2.5mV/m, SW band < 30uV Ÿ Signal selectivity: > 12dB
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Size: 110x62x23mm


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