The Elad FDM-S2 is the latest software defined radio receiver from the Italian manufacturer, Elad. The FDM-S2 is a direct sampling receiver based on 122.88MHz, 16bit single channel ADC converter covering HF 6m and offering the possibility to exploit the FM broadcast band and VHF Band (135-160)MHz.

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  • Frequency range:
    • HF: 9kHz-52MHz MDS: -132dBm @14MHz, Clipping lev -8dBm
    • FM: 74-108MHz sensitivity
    • VHF: 135-160MHz MDS -137dBm @145MHz, Clipping level -19dBm
  • Separate antenna inputs for HF/6m and FM/VHF/Bypass ranges
  • Max. DDC Bw 6144kHz (Aliasing free viewable bandwidth up to 5 Megahertz) currently available selectable bitstreams:
    • 192ksps-32bit,
    • 384ksps-32bit,
    • 768ksps-32bit,
    • 1536ksps-32bit,
    • 3072ksps-32bit,
    • 6144ksps-16bit
  • Special double DDC mode of 2 x 384kHz bandwidth to be placed within one of the input ranges.
  • 4 virtual receivers freely tunable within DDC window
  • Each virtual receiver holds settings for mode,bandwidth,volume,squelch and audio output routing.
  • Patent pending Triple Tuning Bar for coarse and fine spectrum navigation
  • Modes:
    • CWU,
    • CWL,
    • USB,
    • LSB,
    • AM,
    • SAM,
    • FM,
    • WFM,
    • DSB,
    • RTTY,
    • DRM,
    • RDS
  • Interference rejection: Noise Blanker, Adaptive Noise Reduction and auto notch, special 2 manual notches (directly placed in DDC spectrum)
  • Integrated DRM decoding, text and station schedule update.
  • Integrated WFM Stereo with RDS decoding.
  • Universal CAT control and OmniRig(tm) integration
  • Customizable IF panadapter facilities for integration with existing transceiver/receivers
  • User definable bandplan, specified settings per frequency range.
  • XML based memory management
  • DX cluster data integration and EIBI database import
  • Plotting of memory, database and cluster information directly on spectrum screen
  • Proprietary Ext IO bus for accessory equipment, also offering 8 DC lines for universal switching (*via SFE1.0 board)
  • Supported by 3rd party software: SDR-RadioV2 , Winrad, HDSDR, Studio 1
  • DDC Spectrum recorder with automated times chedule control
  • Separate IF/AF spectrum windows for detailed signal analysis
  • Easy, fully informative User Interface with deep customization
  • Resizable windows and multi-monitor support
  • Wideband secondary Audio/IF outputs for decoder software (eg CW Skimmer, WeatherFax)
  • Full integration of the Tmate(tm) series controllers
  • Compact size 110 (W) x 90 (D) x 40 (H) mm and 360g, come with 2 BNC to SMA adapters, USB cable, USB double cable adapter, CD and safe bag.




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