Grundig S450DLX

The Grundig S450DLX shortave radio

New to the market in 2011, the Grundig S450DLX is a “field” radio styled much like the Grundig GS350DL, the Tecsun BLC-3000 and (most closely kin to) the C.Crane CCRadio-SW.


  • AM/MW (520-1710 KHz / 522-1620 KHz), FM (88-108 MHz), SW (continuous frequency range from 1711-29999kHz) Frequency Tuning Steps: 3 methods to choose from (fast/slow/Stop)
  • High performance IC and MOSFET: Provides high sensitivity, strong anti-interference, low background noise and lower distortion.
  • MW/SW IF wide/narrow bandwidth selection: improves audio fidelity and minimizes noise.
  • MCU Control (micro controller unit) and large LCD backlight display with: frequency, clock, battery level indicator, and signal strength indicator
  • AM band features dual conversion PLL technology: provides anti-image rejection.
  • 50 station memory (10 presets for each band)


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