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Etón Satellit

The Eton Satellit is the latest flagship, full-featured portable from Eton Corporation. New features to this model of the Sattelit include RDS (Radio Data System), ATS (Auto Tuning Storage) and SSB selectable synchronous detection. The Eton Satellit is expected to ship by September 15, … Continue reading

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Etón Mini 400

The Etón Mini is the latest ultra portable travel radio by Etón Corporation (previous models included the M400 and M300). The mini is a bare-bones radio, but has comprehensive shortwave broadcast band coverage. The Mini should be available to purchase from retailers … Continue reading

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Etón Field

The Eton Field is the latest large footprint portable in the Eton/Grundig product line (previous models included the S450DLX and S350). The Field sports a large front-facing speaker, built-in hand strap and simple controls. New to this model is RDS … Continue reading

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Melson S8

The Melson S8 is a DSP-based portable AM/FM/Shortwave receiver with MP3 playback. What sets the Melson apart from other sub $50 portables is the exceptional response from the radio’s built-in speaker. While shortwave reception is mediocre–with a high noise floor … Continue reading

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Tecsun PL-880

The Tecsun Pl-880 is the latest offering by the prominent shortwave radio manufacturer, Tecsun. The Pl-880 is a dual-conversion receiver sporting SSB reception with fine 10 Hz steps. It appears to have adjustable bandwidth, and a dedicated fine tune control. … Continue reading

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Tecsun R-2010D

The Tecsun R-2010D is a mechanically-tuned DSP based portable shortwave/AM/FM radio. Tecsun first announced this receiver three years ago with the model number R-2010 (click here to see the entry in the SWRI). While there are a few other mechanically-tuned DSP … Continue reading

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Panasonic RF-562D

The Panasonic RF-562D is a simple, portable analog shortwave radio. The RF-56D covers a major portion of the shortwave broadcast band (4.75 to 18 MHz) as well as AM (medium wave) and FM. The RF-562D can be purchased from a … Continue reading

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Degen DE32

The Degen DE32 is a small DSP-based shortwave radio with analog styling and the ability to play digital audio via a Micro SD card.  The DE32 is much like the Degen DE321 (review) and the Kchibo KK-9803 (review) in that it is a DSP, but uses … Continue reading

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CommRadio CR-1

US-based CommRadio is introducing a new tabletop radio this year: the CR-1, an SDR-based shortwave/VHF/UHF receiver Their website has a few specifications and the video I’ve embedded below. The CR-1 receives the full medium wave and shortwave spectrum (.5-30 MHz), plus some portions of … Continue reading

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Sony ICF-F11S

The Sony ICF-F11S is a simple analog portable shortwave radio produced primarily for markets in Asia. Shortwave coverage spans from 2.3-7.35 MHz. Be aware that there is a cosmetically identical model called the Sony ICF-F12S which has shortwave coverage from 5.9-18 … Continue reading

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