Practical Wireless and RadioUser magazines have new owner

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New owner for Practical Wireless and RadioUser magazines

Roger Hall & Steve Hunt have made the following announcement on the PW Publishing website:

We are very pleased to announce that Practical Wireless and RadioUsermagazines have been bought by Warners Group Publications, a Lincolnshire-based multi-million-pound turnover publishing company that specialises in producing magazines, websites and events for niche hobbies. 

They believe that both Practical Wireless and RadioUser are an ideal fit with their business and have assured us they plan to use their publishing expertise and size to help develop both titles, giving them an assured long-term future.

Both Steve and I are aware that we were only the most recent custodians of two historic titles, Practical Wireless dating from 1932 and the RadioUser with its roots in Short Wave Magazine from 1937.
That’s why, when we decided to retire after being in publishing for almost 40 years, first with IPC and then with PW Publishing, 
we felt it was important to find a reputable company with the expertise and resources to make sure they will continue to be published for many years to come. In Warners, we believe we have found just such a company and both PW and RU will continue to be the country’s best-selling radio magazines

Over the next few weeks we will be handing over all aspect of our business to Warners and they will be publishing both titles from the October issues onwards.

The new Publisher will be Rob McDonnell ( and the new Group Advertising Manager will be Claire Ingram (

Our existing Editors, Don Field and Georg Wiessala, will remain with their respective magazines. In addition, I will be staying on in a consultancy role to help with the transition and to assist Warners going forwards.

We’d both like to thank all of you for the support you’ve given us and the magazines in the past; it’s been an interesting few decades.

For the next three months, Webscribe will continue to administer subscriptions, to assure a seamless handover, and new contact details will be forthcoming in due course.

Roger Hall & Steve Hunt
PW Publishing Limited

One thought on “Practical Wireless and RadioUser magazines have new owner

  1. Andy

    I KNEW something like this was coming, I could sense something in the air. After having had the pleasure of writing for Radio User and Radio Active for several years I could feel a change in the air. Good luck to all involved, at least Roger and Steve have found a reputable owner who should be able to keep the titles running.


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