DE1DGK reviews the affordable Tecsun R-9012

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, DE1DGK, who shares the following mini review of the Tecsun R-9012:

I also have the Tecsun-R-9012, the little analog brother of the R-920c with digital display, and like to tune over the given bands with it. The sound is loud and clear and speaker-quality seems to be quite good as well. With earphones you can listen FM in stereo sound.

Either on Shortwave and Mediumwave, selectivity and sensitivity are fantastic for such a little 20€ worldband receiver. On FM, the bigger stations come in fine but it’s not very selective for weaker signals or FM-DX.

For shortwave, an external antenna like Tecsun AN-05, often overloads the receiver. It’s not recommend to use it for such low cost receivers at all.

In fact, the serial telescopic antenna works good enough in most of the situations. It could be helpful to shorten telescopic antenna a bit so reception might be better when there is too much RFI around. It depends from band to band. Battery life is amazing. It only needs two AA-batteries and works over months.

When you look for a basic worldband receiver, the Tecsun R-9012 is one of the best analog devices in the 20€-price-range. On the internet are out many reviews and tests about this little receiver which are all positive and often outperforms much more expensive worldband receivers. I would rate the Tecsun R-9012 with all pros and cons with 4.5 out of 5. It does perform great. Ideal for shortwave beginners and listeners who like the analog-feeling or those who want a universal little radio with shortwave.

Thank you for sharing your review!  I agree–the R-9012 is a safe choice for simple and affordable radio fun.

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