RRI: Tiganesti shortwave transmitter back on the air

Photo: Radio Romania International

(Source: Radio Romania International)

Broadcasting of RRI short wave programs is back on track – Dear friends, the short wave transmitter in ?ig?ne?ti, BD 300-1 near Bucharest is up and running. It has been out of order for several months and it’s now broadcasting RRI’s programs again. The transmitter has been repaired by RADIOCOM. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback related to the quality of reception. Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “RRI: Tiganesti shortwave transmitter back on the air

  1. Jack Dully

    I was out in Pa. in mid-October 2019 just hand tuning my G-3 by Grundig and my Pl-880 by Tecsun..I alternated listening to each radio hooked up to a 60′ dipole in the trees in front of my rented cabin .There are no tall buildings nor nearby power lines and a 15 mph wind from the South.The night was mine.Cuba was loud and clear,hams were chatty as I tuned away.At 7375 kHz a strong signal came in English it was Bucharest,not exaggerating ,but it sounded like FM quality on both radios,the time was 2230 Daylight Savings.I’m pretty sure they broadcast on other freq. but that is the one that I fine tuned.The antenna is home made by “Lowbander” who sells this heavy duty , quiet dipole on Ebay for about $ 47.00 + shipping


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