Peter demonstrates SDR# Co-Channel Canceller with FM DX

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Peter Wilson, who writes:

Hello Thomas,
I noticed you have included the SDR# AM Co-channel Canceller in your blog, I’ve made a video of the SDR# FM Co-channel Canceller in action.

Es IQ files are from August 2020, received using an Airspy HF+ Discovery using SDR# 1732, near Lobatse, Botswana. Playback
in SDR# 1772.

A couple of people asked me why the SDR# FM Co-Channel Canceller was only cancelling adjacent channel signals in my video above.

This video is for you:

FM Co-Channel Canceller separating two stations 60kHz apart on the OIRT FM band, received by Es in the UK:

Wow!  This is simply amazing! Thank you for the demonstration Peter.

Again, the Co-Channel Canceller is a free upgrade for SDR# users.

Click here to download your copy of SDR#.

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5 thoughts on “Peter demonstrates SDR# Co-Channel Canceller with FM DX

  1. 13dka

    Like I said before, this is revolutionary. Now that it (quite unexpectedly) works on FM too, I wonder if this would also work on SSB?

  2. Otso

    This sounds amazing!

    I would like to try this out with files created with an Elad FDM-S2. I already tried, but with not very good success:
    – A 1.5MHz (or bit more) mediumwave file loads ok but its center frequency is 0 (zero) and not even at the same place as it should be (it was 1130 kHz in the file but 999 whenp played with sdr# .1773).
    – Starting playback of a 6 MHz FM file causes an immediate crach without any error codes.

  3. Paul ZL2UCI

    Shouldn’t this be described as an adjacent channel canceller? Co-channel is when two stations are operating on the same frequency or channel.


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