KFOG broadcasts on June 20th and 26th, 2021 via Channel 292

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Pete Madtone, who shares the following:

KFOG takes to the high seas via Channel 292 on Sunday June 20th 2021 at 1200 UTC (11am UK time) and on Saturday June 26th at 0900 utc (8am UK time) on 6070 kHz. Expect tunes in a nautical style and “see the glimmer from a distant lighthouse, as the buoys ding and the (radio) waves crash onto the rocky shore. This is music from the mist!” as they say at KFOG HQ.

Expect a mix from One Deck Pete called “A mix from across the Pond” with tunes from Kiyoko, Honeychild & DJ Olive, BOATS, Robert Mellin and The Congo’s. Grab yourself a lifejacket and a shortwave radio and tune in. If the shortwave radio is a problem tune in here at the alloted time. If you haven’t a lifejacket we’re sorry but we can’t help you with that!

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One thought on “KFOG broadcasts on June 20th and 26th, 2021 via Channel 292

  1. Kris G8AUU es SO6AUU/9

    Times above incorrect. Yes, UK local during ‘British Summer Time’ is one hour different from UTC/GMT but is leading not trailing . So for 1200 UTC read 1300 BST and for 0900 UTC read 1000 BST.


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