Thanksgiving: A great time for family, friends, food, and pirate radio!

Here in the States, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving today. It’s my favorite holiday because it’s all about giving thanks and spending time with friends. family, and eating some amazing food.

Another great thing about Thanksgiving is it also equates to a long extended weekend for many who have full-time careers. That includes, of course, shortwave radio pirates! Anytime there’s a holiday, pirates are more likely to hit the air.

Hang around the pirate radio watering holes (including 6,800 – 6,990 kHz) and you just might log a few new stations! Do you live outside North America? Try using a KiwiSDR in the US or Canada to hunt pirates. It’s believed that the majority of pirate radio stations are located in the Northeast, so you should choose a KiwiSDR location with that in mind. If you’re new to pirate radio listening, check out our tutorial. Also, look for spots on the amazing HF Underground board.

Thank you…

Speaking of giving thanks, thank you dear readers for making the SWLing Post such a welcoming community to radio enthusiasts of all stripes. The SWLing Post is a true labor of love, and it’s an honor to serve it up to you!

I’d especially like to thank our Patrons, Producers, Executive Producers and Coffee Fund contributors. Your financial support helps keep this a dynamic radio space over the long haul!

You all make this a terrific place for everything radio!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: A great time for family, friends, food, and pirate radio!

  1. 13dka

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in, on, or around the SWLing Post! Listening to a “pirate” most of the day anyway, or at least what was once considered a “pirate when the British government did their best to make the legal operation of Radio Caroline illegal. 🙂 Best served on 648kHz.

  2. Robert Gulley

    Thank you Thomas for running a great site, and many thanks to all the contributors, authors, and commenters that allow us to learn from one another. This truly is one of the best communities on the Internet. Cheers all!

  3. Timothy Lovejoy

    Happy Thanksgiving ? To All.
    And to all who know how Valuable HF / SW1
    SW2 are.

    Amateur Extra Class
    HF Auxiliary Radio Operator

  4. Valerie Negra

    Happy Thanksgiving !! Special thanks for being so kind this year to our “Mother”, Agnes Joan Negra, and her Short wave story, “Waves of Hope”, which proves that the Short wave Radio and “Radio Listeners” were truly a vital part of American History and still are til today !!!


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