The SWLing Post is simply a collection of web posts that add a dynamic and interactive extension to SWLing.com.

We aim to provide quality content in the form of:

  • International broadcasting news
  • Interviews
  • The internet and, specifically how it influences radio broadcasters
  • The history and future of shortwave radio
  • Shortwave radio reviews

If you have any questions or comments, please respond within the blog posts or obtain our email address (via Captcha) on our Contact page.


The primary contributor on the SWLing Post is Thomas Witherspoon. He has been a passionate supporter of shortwave radio and international broadcasting most of his life. Thomas is also the founder and director of radio-based charity, Ears To Our World; you can read about this organization at their website.*

Thomas has been interviewed on Radio Canada International, the BBC World Service, PRI’s The World Technology Podcast, PCJ Media, the Voice of America, and many other broadcasters.

Thomas has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Popular Communications Magazine, WRTH (World Radio and TV Handbook), and the Monitoring Times.

Additionally, the SWLing Post has other contributors (identified in each article when applicable) and occasionally employs a professional editor.

*Note:  The SWLing Post comments and content do not necessary reflect the opinions of Ears To Our World, a board-directed and registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, an independent and entirely separate entity.

Sponsorship (new)

We have begun a sponsorship program and will serve relevant and non-obtrusive ads on our various SWLing.com sites. In the beginning, it will be by invitation only. If you would like to promote your product, company or service on our sites, please contact us for information. Please note: if your organization is not directly associated with shortwave radio or international broadcasting, do not bother to inquire about sponsorship. We want our ad content to enhance our site offerings, not detract from the reader experience.

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  2. marvin k beckner ke4wdo says:

    i like antenna and sw radio

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