Saturday: Listen to the Voice of TheReportoftheWeek on WRMI & WBCQ

HalliDialMany thanks to SWLing Post reader, John, who hosts TheReportOfTheWeek channel on YouTube and writes:

To begin, I have a YouTube channel which focuses primarily on reviews of popular fast food items and while this may seem irrelevant at first, this actually is a major part of the broadcast. The channel name is “TheReportOfTheWeek”.

Over years, this channel has built up a following of 43,000 subscribed individuals and come February 20th, my channel will have existed and been in operation for 5 years now.

Aside from reviews though, I also run a “talk” program known as VORW or “Voice of theReportoftheWeek” in which I discuss current events, read listener letters and heavily promote my very favorite hobby, shortwave radio.

[…]It was a dream to get this show onto shortwave radio and that dream was achieved in 2015.The VORW program was broadcast weekly on 7490 kHz and 5110 kHz via WBCQ from January – July of 2015.

Thanks to listener funding, I will again be on the air this Saturday to commemorate the 5 year anniversary of the channel, on my favorite medium of all and it will feature talk about shortwave radio, current events, discussion regarding the YouTube channel and its history, and it will also feature an eclectic variety of western music, past and present.

The schedule for the transmission is as follows:

WBCQ – 7490 kHz – 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Eastern 2100 – 2200 UTC
WRMI – 7570 kHz – 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM Eastern 0100 – 0200 UTC

Any reception reports will be met with an E-QSL card and can be sent to

All the best,

John (TheReportOfTheWeek)

Many thanks, John! I think it’s brilliant that you’ve taken your readers to the shortwaves. I’m currently at the Winter SWL Fest, but hope someone is able to record your broadcast for the shortwave archive.

Good luck with the broadcast!

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One thought on “Saturday: Listen to the Voice of TheReportoftheWeek on WRMI & WBCQ

  1. Mario

    Will have to check out your YouTube channel John. Thanks for the post!

    Speaking of WBCQ, just picked up a copy of The Worldwide Listening Guide by John Figliozzi which has WBCQ’s schedule. WBCQ airs the Jean Shepherd show. Remember him anyone? He used to be on WOR from NYC back in the day. Listened to him nightly when in high school . What a storyteller he was.


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