London Shortwave’s portable “spectrum capture lab”

SWLing Post contributor, London Shortwave, just posted a photo of his portable SDR setup on Twitter and noted:


“Portable spectrum capture lab back in operation. Grabbing the grey line hour on the 49 mb. Listening to Radio Fana!”

Wow!  I love this go kit!

Looks like London Shortwave is running an AirSpy with Spyverter via SDR# on his Windows tablet.

Having played a lot of radio in the field, I think what’s great about this setup is the fact it’s all contained and properly laid-out inside the padded case. Simply open the case, deploy an antenna, and you’re in business! With all components inside the case, there’s much less chance a connector, battery, cable or SDR will be left in the field accidently. Quick deployment and quick pack-up time; that’s what it’s all about!

Great job, London Shortwave! I’m happy to see you’re back in the park capturing spectrum and logging DX!

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4 thoughts on “London Shortwave’s portable “spectrum capture lab”

  1. Michael

    I’m curious to know the specs on that tablet. I’d really enjoy doing something like this, but having a hard time sorting out which tablets to consider. Anyone know?

  2. John c.

    I’ve followed you putting your portable SDR kit together going on a year or so. That is a really cool setup you have now indeed. Can you give us the specs and ID all you have in it including type of case etc.? Also, you had mentioned in the past about RFI being an issue with the tablet, which I personally found to be true using a SDR-IQ and 8.2 inch Windows tablet. Additionally, you have saved me some money by not having to buy everything and then finding out it didn’t help. Thanks again!


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