Ron discovers a new VLF converter

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ron, who writes:

A firm in the UK is now offering new VLF converters in built, ready to go form or in kit form.

Coverage is 10-500 khz full LW band or 0.1-100 kHz ELF band.

Your choice of stock or SO239, BNC or RCA connectors for antenna input and converter output.

Powered by a nine volt battery.

In addition a special 630m version is available tuned for max performance on 475 kHz in the middle of the 630m band.

Click here to view on eBay.

Thanks for the tip, Ron! Based on the photos, the construction looks to be of very good quality. There are so few VLF converters on the market–please share your review when you’ve had a chance to evaluate it!

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One thought on “Ron discovers a new VLF converter

  1. rtc

    1.They send this converter by Registered mail.Cost is $105.12 delivered…but you have to

    be home to sign for it.

    2.Performance is no better than a Heathkit.The design and utterly complete shielding eliminates virtually all MW feedthru but the low end (60 khz) and high end (515 khz) are mediocre at best.

    WWVB is very weak as on the Heathkit…best freq. range is midband but that’s where it’s tuned (250 khz).

    3.So in the final analysis you would be better off to go with Chuck Olsen’s 14 buck Jackson Harbor Press kit.

    4.But one place this converter would really excel would be in the 630m Special,tuned for 475 khz.


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