A TIVDIO T6-A Six Watt FM Transmitter (via Walmart!)

My, how times have changed!

I remember when I was a kid, if you wanted an FM transmitter with more power than the allowed FCC Part 15 regulations (250uV/m or 48dBu at 3 meters), you had to build it or hack it yourself.

Those days are long gone. SWLing Post contributor, Bill, shares a link to this six watt FM transmitter available via Walmart of all places!

Of course, Walmart isn’t exactly selling this transmitters in stores–they’re simply handing the inventory and shipping for a third party retailer (AMI Ventures Inc. in this case).

And I’m picking on Walmart because the TIVDIO T6-A, along with other similar FM transmitters, have been available from retailers like Amazon and eBay for ages.

Still, I find it a little funny that you can essentially start your own community/neighborhood FM station by making a purchase at Walmart!

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2 thoughts on “A TIVDIO T6-A Six Watt FM Transmitter (via Walmart!)

  1. Dave AA7EE

    Gosh – for $114.09, you could pick up a transmitter AND a nice NOUO from the FCC. Two for the price of one 😀

    I don’t know anything about this particular unit, but there are similar ones available that have tested rather poorly for spurii.


  2. Ken Hansen n2vip

    These are quite illegal, but not popular enough to merit action by the FCC – yet.

    While I have a hard time imagining the US market is big enough to support the development and sale of these transmitters, I have to believe there is a fairly large market for them somewhere in the world, but I can’t figure out where…

    Here’s a possible hint a 1Kw (!) FM transmitter, new, from Indonesia – there are several similar listings for this and a 500 Watt version on eBay – I wonder if there is an active market for FM transmitters in Indonesia?



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