A TIVDIO T6-A Six Watt FM Transmitter (via Walmart!)

My, how times have changed!

I remember when I was a kid, if you wanted an FM transmitter with more power than the allowed FCC Part 15 regulations (250uV/m or 48dBu at 3 meters), you had to build it or hack it yourself.

Those days are long gone. SWLing Post contributor, Bill, shares a link to this six watt FM transmitter available via Walmart of all places!

Of course, Walmart isn’t exactly selling this transmitters in stores–they’re simply handing the inventory and shipping for a third party retailer (AMI Ventures Inc. in this case).

And I’m picking on Walmart because the TIVDIO T6-A, along with other similar FM transmitters, have been available from retailers like Amazon and eBay for ages.

Still, I find it a little funny that you can essentially start your own community/neighborhood FM station by making a purchase at Walmart!

2 thoughts on “A TIVDIO T6-A Six Watt FM Transmitter (via Walmart!)

  1. Ken Hansen n2vip

    These are quite illegal, but not popular enough to merit action by the FCC – yet.

    While I have a hard time imagining the US market is big enough to support the development and sale of these transmitters, I have to believe there is a fairly large market for them somewhere in the world, but I can’t figure out where…

    Here’s a possible hint a 1Kw (!) FM transmitter, new, from Indonesia – there are several similar listings for this and a 500 Watt version on eBay – I wonder if there is an active market for FM transmitters in Indonesia?


  2. Dave AA7EE

    Gosh – for $114.09, you could pick up a transmitter AND a nice NOUO from the FCC. Two for the price of one 😀

    I don’t know anything about this particular unit, but there are similar ones available that have tested rather poorly for spurii.



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