RadioShack franchises expand in wake of corporate bankruptcy

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RadioShack’s second bankruptcy in two years may have brought its company-owned stores to the edge of oblivion, but it has apparently sparked a renaissance among the chain’s approximately 425 independent franchisees.

As Wisconsin dealer-owner PJ Kruschel explains, inventory is beginning to flow again, and the departure of the corporate stores has ramped up customer demand and unshackled RadioShack dealers from restrictions on expansion.

Kruschel, who will grand-open the country’s first post-bankruptcy RadioShack tomorrow in Baraboo, Wis., shared his observations in an email to TWICE, which we posted below with his permission:

“I’ve owned a RadioShack dealer store for the past ten years and just opened a new store a couple weeks ago. It’s the first new RadioShack since the latest bankruptcy. There is another store opening in Utah and a couple more in Tennessee coming in the near future, but I’m the first.[…]

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Thanks for the tip, Tom!

This is encouraging news indeed and verifies what I’ve seen at the two RadioShack franchises I’ve visited since the bankruptcy. In both cases, they are serving the needs of a local community–their inventory and services have always included products and services the corporate stores weren’t allowed to offer. RadioShack franchises have always had more freedom to expand their offerings, but now it appears they can even expand their locations. Excellent news, I say.

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3 thoughts on “RadioShack franchises expand in wake of corporate bankruptcy

  1. Mario

    Recently had a need for an antenna mast, 12V connectors and replacement soldering iron tips, all formerly within easy reach at the local Radio Shack, but ours is gone. None of the big box or automotive stores had these so the Internet was the logical next step.
    Boy do I miss my Radio Shack. Something so good is now gone.

  2. DanH

    My local Radio Shack was independently owned and crashed and burned two months ago. I can no longer buy 3.5 mm connectors or Chinese #47 light bulbs at 3X internet prices. They didn’t stock antenna wire anymore, anyway.


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