UA searching for family of console radio struck by meteorite in 1954

Meteor that struck Ann Elizabeth Fowler Hodges. (Photo source: University of Alabama)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mike Hansgen, who shares the following story from Forsythe County News (which could win Headline of the Year) and notes, “No One Is Safe! Build a bunker!”:

University of Alabama searching for family of owner of radio struck by meteorite

If anyone in Forsyth County knows the family of Eugene H. Hodges, officials with the University of Alabama are trying to contact them to talk about a radio struck by a meteorite.

Mary Beth Prondzinski, collections manager with the Alabama Museum of Natural History on the university’s campus, said the museum is searching for family members of the late Eugene Hodges, the owner of a radio of struck by a meteorite in the 1950s that is on display.

“The radio is part of an event that occurred here in Alabama back in 1954,” she said. “It was actually called the Sylacauga Meteorite Event. It fell in Sylacauga, Alabama, and it went through somebody’s home and struck the radio that we currently have on exhibit, which hit the woman who lived in the house.”

The woman struck by the meteorite was Ann Elizabeth Fowler Hodges, then-wife of Eugene Hodges.[…]

Continue reading at the Forsythe County News.

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2 thoughts on “UA searching for family of console radio struck by meteorite in 1954

  1. DanH

    The photo shows that the ceiling is suffering from water damage and the border of the family looks photo looks altered. Was meteor scatter happening on shortwave at the time of the accident?


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