NSS Annapolis QSLs for SWLs

Front of the NSS QSL card–the back has contact info an excellent explanation of NSS with photos.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ulis Fleming (K3LU), who writes:

I wanted to pass along some information regarding the NSS Annapolis radio station.

Last year’s cards were sent out for Armed Forces day with one generic card with all the callsigns. This year the ops at NSS will be sending cards direct on their own to ALL amateur stations who worked NSS without solicitation via their address posted in QRZ.com.

SWLs can send a full SWL report with station worked, time to K3LU via the QRZ.com address or email me for my address at [email protected]. A SASE is helpful but not necessary.

Thanks so much, Ulis! What a great service to the SWL community!

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3 thoughts on “NSS Annapolis QSLs for SWLs

  1. Harald DL1ABJ

    Today I received another Armed Forces Day 2018 QSL, this time for ADB Camp Foster/Okinawa and NSS Annapolis. I sent an SWL report to the address annouced.

    Btw: Naval Academy Annapolis currently is active as W3ADO in the Enigma contest. Just worked them yesterday in SSB with a huge signal coming into Europe.

    1. Harald DL1ABJ

      I should add that this new card is the Armed Forces Day 2018 QSL with all the callsigns of participating stations on it. Not the special NSS QSL I received before.


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