Build a 433 MHz radio chat device with the Raspberry Pi

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Build a Secret Radio Chat Device

An article in Raspberry Pi magazine MagPi by PJ Evans of Milton Keynes shows how you can build a 433 MHz radio chat device to send wireless messages without needing WiFi

“Sure, WiFi is all well and good, but is it the only option for wireless communication on the Raspberry Pi? What if there isn’t a network available or you need a longer range? 433 MHz radio is where you want to be. In this tutorial we’ll add this capability to a pair of Pi boards and show how to send wireless messages from one to the other with no WiFi network. Then, we’ll increase the range with a touch of science and start talking to RF-based switchable main sockets. Have Pi-controlled sockets all around the house!”

The tutorial article appears on pages 44-47 of issue 75 November 2018 MagPi and can be seen online at

Or you can download the PDF of MapPi magazine

PJ Evans

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