Reminder: Christmas on-air event to honor Radio Luxembourg

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alexander (DL4NO), who writes:

For a very long time Radio Luxembourg was *the* pop music radio in Europe, especially in Germany and GB. At a time when Germany only had its public radio system, the Radio Luxembourg was the one and only. But this is history.

At Christmas, several German shortwave broadcasters, organized by Radio DARC, will transmit on 6070 kHz in memoriam of Radio Luxembourg from Vienna. See the attached flyer [above].

Excellent! Thank you for the heads-up, Alexander!

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1 thought on “Reminder: Christmas on-air event to honor Radio Luxembourg

  1. Desmond Walsh

    Radio Luxemburg was not always a ‘pop’ station in the sixties. I remember programmes like ; ‘Dan Dare pilot of the future’ , Inspector Dark investigates , Take Your Pick, Double Your Money , People are Funny and many others , very entertaining.A weekly programme guide was available from radio dealers , consisting of a 3 page folder printed in red lettering .


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