Microtelecom Perseus SDRs at Ham Radio Outlet

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Brian Penney, who writes:

I saw your post about the availability of the Perseus SDR. They are still available brand new through HRO. I ordered one in the fall of 2019.

HRO said they were getting them new from SSB-Electronic GmbH in Germany.

Click here to view at HRO.

Thanks for the tip, Brian! The price is quite competitive at $749.95 US as well–certainly the best option for those of us living in the US.

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3 thoughts on “Microtelecom Perseus SDRs at Ham Radio Outlet

  1. Stephanie Battaglino

    Very excited! Just ordered it!!

    Never did get a response about shipping costs from the vendor in Germany.

    Appreciate the endorsement, Rick B.

    1. Stephanie Battaglino

      Rick – do you use the native software platform that comes with it, or are using some other application? Just curious.




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