Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot Expands to Full Hour in April

Beginning Sunday, April 5, Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot expands to a full hour of new episodes on Sundays from 2200-2300 UTC on WBCQ 7490 hKz and Tuesdays from 2000-2100 UTC on Channel 292 6070 kHz.  The expanded time will allow us to both explore musical cultures more deeply and play longer songs when appropriate.
The expanded program format will include a new feature, Radio Balcony, on the last Sunday (followed by Tuesday) of each month.  Radio Balcony is partially inspired by videos of our European friends singing from their balconies in these difficult times and will ask our listeners to send recorded greetings to their fellow listeners, short letters, other short audio recordings and  recommendations of songs from their own countries.  We will play or read the best of these on the air.

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About Bill Tilford

Bill has been a shortwave listener since the 1960s and currently hosts From the Isle of Music, a program that features new music from Cuba, on WBCQ (US), Channel 292 (Germany) and Space Line (Bulgaria) as well as Uncle Bill's Melting Pot on WBCQ and Channel 292. He also writes about Cuban music including on the website TIMBA.com and is active in the music industry as a producer and liner notes writer.

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