Mehdi spots two Kenwood transceivers in the “Love and Monsters” trailer

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mehdi, who writes

Hey Thomas. I have seen some of your posts on identifying radios in movies. I just wanted to tell you that there are at least 2 HF tarnsceivers shown in the trailer of the upcoming film “Love and Monsters” : Kenwood TS-520S, Kenwood TS-130S

Great catches, Mehdi! No doubt, if they’re in the trailer, there may be more in the movies.

Thanks for sharing!

Here’s the full trailer:

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3 thoughts on “Mehdi spots two Kenwood transceivers in the “Love and Monsters” trailer

  1. Paul Evans

    The TS-130S was a fantastic rig – my first with the WARC bands [c.1980/1?] and solid state PA. I handed it off to my dad (G3DLH) when I bought a TS-940S in c.1984[?]. He used it until SK in 2008 with no problems/repair. My last rig with a linear VFO – it had drift, but only a little. The first truly small portable 12V rig with ‘all’ bands. I would buy one any day of the week!

    1. Paul Evans

      Actually, I must admit this wasn’t quite my first solid-state WARC band rig. I bought a Ten-Tec Omni-D a few weeks earlier and returned it because it had so many unfixable design problems/faults. Not something you want when you’re 3,500 miles from the USA. The TS-130S teamed with a Heathkit SB-200 amp worked very well.


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