Free to a good home: Larry is giving away radio gear to SWLing Post readers

Sony ICF-SW7600GR

I recently received the following message from SWLing Post contributor, Larry Thompson:

I’m 74 and want to pare down my extensive receiver collection. I have a number of receivers and portable shortwaves, as well as antennas that I want to get to good homes. They would be free with the recipient just paying for shipping and packing at my local UPS store.

Wow, Larry! This is incredibly kind of you.

Larry has very few conditions:

  • Everything is free, but you must pay UPS shipping and packing from St. Louis, Missouri to your address. Keep in mind that if you live outside the USA, it might not make sense in terms of shipping costs and import duties/fees to request an item. At present, international shipping is quite pricey and UPS often requires their premium parcel services for international parcels. Since the UPS Store will also pack these items for Larry, you must assume it might cost an additional $5-15 for the packing depending on the size of the item.
  • Only one item per person (so find the one item you really want and only send an email for that particular item)
  • Larry wants these to go to good homes, meaning don’t request one unless you actually plan to use it yourself. Please don’t request one to resell or flip. Larry wants these items to help others who might want or need a good receiver.

Free Items

Here are the items Larry is offering the SWLing Post community:

CountyComm GP5/SSB


  • Grundig G5 great on FM, but I haven’t determined if the SW and AM bands are working properly.
  • Sony ICF-SW7600GR like new, excellent cond. Outstanding rig!
  • CountyComm GP-5/SSB like new. Tiny, but powerful, sensitive receiver. Fits in your pocket
  • Tivoli Audio Pal Red AM/FM/aux Great sound, cool vernier dial like new. Great to play your iPod music.
  • Icom IC-R71A needs some repairs. Quadruple conversion multi-band communications desktop receiver. Ask about condition.
  • SDRPlay RSP1 (software defined receiver) like new, hardly been used.


  • MLA-30 amplified magnetic loop
  • MLA-30+ amplified magnetic loop
  • AirSpy YouLoop passive magnetic loop
  • Karas/Doxytronics HF-319 passive magnetic loop antenna and coax

How to request

If you feel like you’d give one of these items a good home, simply send an email to the address below with the following information:

  • Which item you would like and why you would like it or how you plan to use it.
  • What you can offer for shipping to your location from St. Louis, MO 63108. Again, keep in mind that Larry will use a UPS Store in his neighborhood for both packing and shipping, so you will need to provide extra funds for them to pack it.

We want to make this as easy for Larry as possible and for him not to end up paying the difference in shipping, so if you ask for an item, please be willing to pay at least the full price his UPS store asks.

Here’s the temporary email address for Larry’s giveaway: [email protected]

When all items have been accounted for, I’ll update this article with a message at the top of the post and delete the email forwarding address.

Thank you, Larry!

My back of the envelop calculations indicate that Larry is easily giving away $700-900+ worth of radio gear.

Thank you so much, Larry, for spreading the radio love!

Spread the radio love

6 thoughts on “Free to a good home: Larry is giving away radio gear to SWLing Post readers

  1. Ken

    Cool — a ‘total beginner’ is exactly who should be encouraged to go for this ‘offer’!

    What are your interests as that will impact which of the radios are ‘best’ for you? I’d recommend shying away from something that ‘needs work’ if you really are a beginner, and the SDR may be ‘intimidating’ if you don’t already have some experience under your belt, but that leaves several options in Larry T’s list that might suit you.

    Where are you located (approximately) — I ask because it will help to find a ‘local’ group to help ‘mentor’ you as a beginner. I know that was invaluable to me when I was starting out, and I try to do the same for ‘newbies’ still. Don’t be afraid to look for guidance or help!


    Reading the article about Larry´s gesture I felt touched in my inner self. We add to our collections a lot of equipment and accessories that usually end up gathering dust in the shelves when not in a cardboard box in the attic. Let´s face the truth. Most of us limit ourselves to use a single piece of equipment for our daily activities. Then for whatever reason one day we quit the hobby or the hobby quits us and “all that junk” goes to sale by someone that has not idea of our passion. Often we hear that the amateur and SWL activities are in decline, the broadcasters and UTEs are disappearing, but I guess that if instead of chasing the new technologies with all the bells and whistles of today a go back to basics, will help keep the spark. Do you old timers remember switching on the receiver and transmitter, waiting for warm up, tuning up and turning dials and knobs with gusto and patience. Awaiting for the slot and then pound the key until contact made. Sending by mail the QSL card and the endless visits to the mail box until one day there it was, an envelope covered with stamps and our new treasured new country. Now in a matter of seconds, from the keyboard we are able to accomplish all that. I do not disagree with changes of technology but jumping to a Buck Rogers like radio room without comprehending the basics is like trying to understand classic literature without knowing the alphabet and rules of writing. So going back to Larry and as an afterthought we all ought to do the same. Or better instead to give away to a kid or group or association (you name it) that can further enhance the good doings of our hobby. We all have seen the eyes of one of the kids in the group that look at the equipment with yearn and awe, perhaps aloft from the rest, going round us and awaiting to be seen of perhaps to pull our sleeve and ask something. He is our target. He will keep the torch aflame. I ought to apologize for my English as Spanish is my native language, hope the message is understood and second apologies for this old man babbling. Best to all. Waldo CX2AD Montevideo – Uruguay

    1. Ken

      Your English is FAR FAR better than my Spanish! An apology isn’t necessary.

      And your sentiment is well taken. Finding a ‘good home’ is often hard with hobbies like ours, and it seems often our ‘stuff’ gets shuffled off to landfills or sold to someone who doesn’t really appreciate what it is instead of going to someone who will use and appreciate it.

      I would prefer to get the things into the hands of a local younger person who can continue to use things and perhaps would appreciate / use some ‘Elmering’ to get into the hobby, but it is harder and harder to find kids who have an interest.

      Does anyone have ‘hints’ on how to make that happen? I’d love to be able to pass along some of the ‘good stuff’ to those who have an interest, but my kids/grandkids aren’t in the mood to do so. Ideas?


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