Today (14 May 2022): Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ulis (K3LU), who notes that today is the annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test.

Click here to download a PDF document with all details including frequencies, schedule, and QSL info. Thanks for the tip, Ulis!

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3 thoughts on “Today (14 May 2022): Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test

  1. Dave Kingsborough

    On Saturday May 13, 2023 … between 8:30-8:50 PM EDT (Sunday May 14, 1:30 UTC). I copied NSS K3LU for the “Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test” on 5330.5 Khz USB using a Tecsun PL-330 radio with an internal whip antenna from Harrisburg PA. he got a qso from Maine, and another from illinois.

  2. Jock Elliott

    1934Z — 14.487 station NSS announces in voice they are listening 14.234.0 USB. Additional contacts in SSB. “It’s raining buckets here.”

  3. Jock Elliott

    1850Z & 1925Z — 14.487 MHz — Station sending CW CQ CQ CQ (I can copy but not read the rest), believed to be NSS — US Naval Academy transmitting for Annual Armed Forces Crossband test.


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