Dan believes this JRC NRD-301A will acheive record price at auction

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson who writes:

An NRD-301A, still one of the rarest of JRC receivers, appears headed for a record selling price on the Japan Buyee site.

In 2021, even rarer NRD-302A receivers sold in the $5000 range.

Click here to check it out on Buyee.

What a beautiful radio!  Thank you for sharing this, Dan. 

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5 thoughts on “Dan believes this JRC NRD-301A will acheive record price at auction

  1. Mario Filippi

    If I was a radio that’s what I’d want to look like. Thanks for the heads up Dan and thank you Thomas.

  2. Dan

    These classic high end JRC marine radios are unique in that they hold their value among collectors. My 301A purchased more than 20 years ago, was similar to this at time of purchase. The Japan used market continues to produce amazing pieces.

    1. Jon

      Given its rarity, I’m guessing that your NRD-630 would fetch a higher price than a ‘301A. From an SWLer’s point of view, it’s unfortunate that the ‘630 didn’t harness the DSP technology to offer more feature-wise. For instance, Dave Zantow noted in his review that the ‘630 offered more evolved DSP technology than the ‘545, and yet the ‘630 has only a handful of fixed IF bandwidth filter options (as opposed to the continuous bandwidth control feature on the ‘545). But then these marine receivers – JRC or otherwise – typically followed a pretty standard configuration with regard to modes, bandwidths and other features offered. And the JRCs, in particular, are built to exacting standards. Your ‘630 is truly a prize.

  3. Jon

    What a stunning receiver and in seemingly flawless condition! I’m grateful to have a ‘301A in my shack, thanks to Dan giving me a heads up on a listing several years back. I must confess to having a slight preference for the earlier NRD-93, which thankfully is a much easier to find receiver.


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