Pirate Radio: Peter decodes spectrum images from Mix Radio International

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Pete Jernakoff, who writes:

Last evening around 10:45 pm local, I came across the pirate Mix Radio International broadcasting on 6950 kHz upper side band. Signal was absolutely huge at my QTH (northern Delaware) and the show was highly entertaining with dance and rap mixes of various pop songs being played. Also played were some NSFW rap songs… 🙂 And every so often this station would modulate its signal so as to transmit a picture or text on one or the other side of its main signal that was plainly visible on the waterfall. (I was listening with an SDRplay RSPdx and SDRuno.)



Very cool!


-Pete Jernakoff-

Very cool indeed! Thank you for sharing this, Pete!

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2 thoughts on “Pirate Radio: Peter decodes spectrum images from Mix Radio International

  1. Peter Jernakoff

    Thanks, Mario! One of the images that scrolled down the waterfall were the words “Keep calm and listen to pirate radio”. Atop those words was a pretty good facsimile of a crown. Unfortunately, I was not able to video this image scrolling by as I was fumbling with my phone; it was locked and I kept messing up the password… 🙁 And, yes, a big thanks to Thomas for allowing me to share this finding!


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