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CES Hall of Fame: The Grundig Satellit 650

Photo: Universal Radio

(Source: IEEE Spectrum via Paul)

The Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame: Grundig Satellit 650 Radio

The market for expensive shortwave radios collapsed in the early 2000s. But before it did, Grundig created a blaze of glory

Though they’ll likely deny it, long-distance (DX) radio enthusiasts are also often romantics. For DXers, as they’re known, there’s a powerful enchantment surrounding the chance reception of a signal from somewhere remote and mysterious, like the Australian Outback, the Namib Desert, or a lonely island in the Shetlands. So when they come to favor a piece of equipment, they don’t just like it, they become devotees. And one receiver seems to have earned their undying affection more than any other: the Grundig Satellit 650.[…]

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I agree: the Sat 650 is a legend! I’ve never owned one–have you?  Please comment!

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